Multiple Car Crash? A Guide from a Marin County Accident Attorney

A multiple-car collision is a road traffic accident involving several vehicles. Multiple-car collisions frequently occur on highways or freeways were drivers move at a high speed. Multiple-car collisions are also known as “pile-ups.” These terrible accidents can involved dozens or hundreds of cars. If you have been involved in a multiple-car accident, contact an experienced Marin County accident…

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marin county divorce attorney community property

Is Every Marital Asset Community Property? A Guide.

California is a community property state. So, absent a valid pre or postnuptial agreement marital property rights of California are fixed according to community property law. If that sentence is confusing, you are not alone. Contact an experienced Marin County divorce attorney today.  Some people have the misunderstanding that each spouse gets 50% in a…

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Marin County Personal Injury Attorney: Code of Civil Procedure § 998 Offers in Arbitration

Litigation and arbitration can be expensive. Public policy encourages settlement. To promote settlement, evidence concerning settlement offers is generally inadmissible. This policy encourages settlement discussions by the parties because they know their settlement offer will not be used against them. If you involved in a personal injury litigation or arbitration and need legal advice, contact…

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