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Skilled Representation for Your Property Division Goals


California is a Community Property state. In a divorce all separate property remains the property of the owning spouse, and community property is divided equally. Unfortunately, that goal is often not the reality. Particularly in high asset divorces, one or both spouses may have entered the marriage with a significant amount of assets and the couple may have acquired more during their marriage. There may be numerous financial gray areas, where assets were comingled. Some assets may have significantly increased in value.

Whether you choose divorce mediation or litigation, the attorneys at Warren Major LLP can help you and your ex-spouse understand how each of your assets’ monetary benefit can be

  • Characterized
  • Apportioned
  • Divided appropriately and fairly


Skilled negotiators and fierce litigators

If you feel that your voice is getting lost in property division discussions, and you can’t reach a fair agreement, you’ll find the attention and advocacy you need at Warren Major LLP. We’ll advocate strongly and skillfully on your behalf in court, so you can retain your fair share of your financial investment in your marriage.

Our divorce attorneys are skilled negotiators for your objectives at all times. When needed, we are fierce litigators in court. We will represent your credible claims to full or partial ownership of community property and will help you reach a fair settlement with:

  • Real estate — primary and secondary residences, vacation and retirement homes, farms and ranches, rental property and undeveloped land
  • Businesses — a business owned by one (or both) spouses is subject to accurate valuation before division
  • Motor vehicles, watercraft and aircraft
  • Retirement and deferred income, stocks, stock options, bank accounts and bonds
  • Memberships, collectibles, inheritances and family heirlooms
  • Tracing – Mixed assets that require tracing to determine the amount of separate property and community property


Whatever your property division objectives, the highly regarded divorce attorneys at Warren Major LLP will be your voice, in and out of the courtroom.

Please contact us to discuss your property division needs.


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