Marriage Annulment – Something was Legally Wrong

In the state of California, marriage annulment can happen if a judge says in a court order that your marriage or domestic partnership is not legally valid. Your marriage can be annulled only if something was legally wrong with the marriage from the start. If your marriage is annulled, it’s as if your marriage never happened.

If your marriage is annulled and you have children together, the judge can make orders about their care and support, including: child custody and visitation and child support. A judge can’t always divide your community property and debts and/or order spousal support. If one of you is a putative spouse, however, meaning that you believed in good faith that your marriage was legal, a judge may decide to divide your community property and debts and/or order spousal support.

As with divorce, if you are considering marriage annulment, you want a skilled, trusted attorney at your side. The highly regarded attorneys at Warren Major LLP will be your allies throughout. We can help you attain a Child Custody and Visitation Agreement and Child Support Agreement that matches your goals. We can also litigate on your behalf to obtain community property division and spousal support, if necessary.

Reasons for Marriage Annulment

What are the reasons why a marriage may be annulled in California?

  • Incest: a marriage between close blood relatives.
  • Bigamy: one spouse is already married to someone else. 
  • One spouse was under 18 and didn’t have a judge’s permission to marry.
  • One spouse was tricked: the other spouse lied about something significant.
  • One spouse is of unsound mind and didn’t understand what marriage means.
  • One spouse is physically unable to consummate the marriage.
  • One spouse is still married to someone they thought to be dead but isn’t.
  • One spouse was forced into the marriage.

If you are considering marriage annulment, the highly regarded family law attorneys at Warren Major LLP can help you move through the process with minimal time and stress.

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