Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation Can Help You End Your Marriage

  • More Quickly

  • Less Expensively

  • Less Contentiously

When their desire to divorce is mutual, many couples choose divorce mediation over litigation. By choosing to work with a skilled divorce mediation attorney rather than going through the court, couples can talk through their needs and differences in a calm, less argumentative manner. As a result, they are often able to remain friends.

In divorce mediation, the mediator does not represent the interests of either party, legally or otherwise. The mediator’s role is as a neutral third party, who works together with the couple to discuss and resolve their differences. Once the couple arrives at a Divorce Settlement Agreement, their divorce mediation attorney files it with the court. The couple never needs to set foot in the courthouse.

The attorneys at Warren Major LLP know that people who once loved each other can end their marriage in a way that is positive. As your divorce mediator, Warren Major LLP will work with you to discuss your desires for your lives going forward. Our attorneys can help you determine the fairest way to divide your common property, including your home, and how to determine, together, what is best for your children.

Moving on with your life

At Warren Major LLP, we have found that couples who choose to mediate their divorce rather than litigate in the court are often able to end their marriage on friendly terms. Not only do their children benefit from the lack of contentiousness in their divorce, but also the couple’s ongoing relationship is healthier. And, because divorce mediation is more efficient and less expensive than litigation, everyone is better off financially.

For skilled legal guidance on how to end your marriage on amicable terms through mediation, you can rely on Warren Major LLP. We will work with you to create a Divorce Settlement Agreement that is fair and just.

Child Custody Agreement Mediation

Our attorneys can also mediate a Child Custody Agreement that will ensure what is best for your children. Working with a skilled child custody mediator helps couples get everything out on the table in a calm and less contentious manner. As a result, they can stay focused on the needs of their children. In the end, they have a healthier ongoing relationship than if they had turned to court litigation. And, because child custody mediation is more efficient and less expensive than litigation, everyone is better off financially.

Mediation is a very effective way of jointly reaching the important decisions parents must make in their Parenting Plan, such as: How much time each parent will have with their children, who will pay for child support and how much, how and where their children will be educated, how much each parent will put toward college expenses, and much more.

If you are considering divorce mediation, the highly regarded family law attorneys at Warren Major LLP can help you and your ex reach an amicable Divorce Settlement Agreement and Child Custody Agreement. We can also represent you, should you decide on a collaborative divorce.

Please contact us to discuss your divorce mediation needs.



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