Legal Separation

Legal Separation is Emotionally Trying

In the State of California, with a legal separation, a couple stays legally married, but the court divides their property and debts and makes orders about future financial support. If a legally separating couple have children together, they can also ask the court for orders about their children’s care and support, including: child custody and visitation and child support. An individual who legally separates from their spouse cannot marry or enter into a domestic partnership with someone else, unless they divorce first.

As with divorce, legal separation is emotionally trying, and it’s best accomplished when both individuals are amicable with one another. Like divorce, the legal separation process can be exceedingly complex and time-consuming.

If you are considering legal separation, you want an experienced, trusted attorney and confidant at your side. The highly regarded attorneys at Warren Major LLP will be your allies throughout. We can help you finalize your agreement quickly, so you can move on with your life.

Why choose legal separation over divorce?

Some couples don’t want to get divorced for moral or personal beliefs, religious reasons, or financial reasons. For example, they may feel that getting divorce paints them as a failure. They may want to keep their spouse or domestic partner on an insurance or benefit plan but not be financially obligated to their spouse in other ways. They may want to live in a different geographic region from their spouse, and believe that a legal separation will make the situation easier.

The steps to get a legal separation or divorce in California are the same. The attorneys at Warren Major LLP can help you move quickly through the legal process with the least amount of time, cost, worry and stress.


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