What Happens If I Don’t Pay Spousal Support in Marin County?

Marin divorce lawyer spousal support

WHAT IS SPOUSAL SUPPORT IN MARIN COUNTY? Spousal support can often feel like a lose-lose situation. The recipient spouse often feels the Court orders a fraction of what they need and deserve to survive. The payor spouse often feels they can’t meet their own needs after cutting a support check. But what is spousal support?  […]

A Full Guide to California Separation Agreements

Wedding rings over a newspaper article regarding divorce.

What is a separation agreement in California? In California, a separation agreement is a written contract specifying the rights and obligations belonging to you and your spouse as you embark on living separate lives. As a legally binding document, one spouse may sue the other for violating the separation agreement, so you must understand its long-lasting implications […]

Legal Separation

Legal Separation

San Francisco Bay Area Legal Separation Lawyer Many married couples choose legal separation over divorce for personal reasons, such as holding onto religious beliefs. For the past decade, our divorce lawyers have been helping families with whatever they need to get through the complex family court system. If you’re struggling and unsure where to turn, […]

Child Support

Child Support

Marin County Child Support Attorney The divorce and family law attorneys at Warren Major LLP specialize in child support issues, with over 17 years of combined experience. Our Marin County family law attorneys understand that you’re pressed for time during your child support hearing. That’s why we work quickly and efficiently to present the court […]

Same-Sex Divorce: What Do I Need to Know?

Same Sex Divorce San Francisco

In California, same-sex couples gained the right to legally marry after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a state ban on gay marriage on June 28, 2013.  Although we have fought long and hard for our constitutional right, not every marriage is forever. Same-sex divorce is about as frequent as divorce for heterosexual couples. Same-sex couples […]

Can A Father Get Sole Child Custody? A Full Guide.

Can A Father Get Sole Child Custody

Many fathers wonder if they will be seen as equals in local family court. Do mothers automatically get sole child custody? Can a father ever obtain sole child custody? This article seeks to answer your questions about your gender and child custody. If, after reading this article, you have questions regarding your rights as a […]

How To Prepare a Child Custody Move Away Case (A Full Guide)

How To Prepare a Child Custody Move Away Case

Can I move with my child out of Marin? California? The United States? Will the Family Court allow me to relocate and keep my custody time? In California, cases that concern the relocation of children are referred to as “move-away” cases. More often than not, these cases are complicated. All of these questions are normal. Many […]

A Guide To More Affordable Attorney’s Fees in a Divorce.

Separation Agreement Template

Divorce can be extremely painful and extremely expensive. Our office is in Marin County and we practice all over the Bay Area. Although nearly everything in the Bay Area is expensive, our firm strives to be affordable. To assist, we offer a free consultation. Many clients find that they were able to get the most […]